I Visited the FOMO Factory So You Don’t Have To

While reseraching things to do in Austin, we stumbled upon something called the FOMO Factory. This attraction is a pop up, immersive art exprience with bright, vibrant pictures elliciting childhood memories and encouraging you to come be a kid again. After looking through the pictures, we thought it looked like a cool way to spend a few hours, bought our tickets online, and went.

We were wrong.

Who Doesn't Love A Giant Cupcake?
Who Doesn’t Love A Giant Cupcake?

What seemed like an opportunity to be a playful big kid in familiar childhood scences was little more than a small house crammed full of nothing but photo opportunities. There was a ball pit, a swing, a seesaw, a slide, cassette tapes, balloons, colorful streamers, lockers and pompoms and desks and text books. All scenes that did bring back childhood memories, unfortunatley, not in the advertised fun and playful way.

Is This My Chance To Be A Cheerleader?
Is This My Chance To Be A Cheerleader?

You are not really experiencing any of these memories from your childhood – instead, you are waiting in line to take a quick picture before moving on to the next scence. I can see how this type of experience can appeal to influencers who are in need of the next great background for their photos while posing with whatever product they are promoting. However, it really is not designed for the Average Joe like me just looking for a fun, immersive experience. 

This Feelis Different Than The Playgrounds I Remember
This Feelis Different Than The Playgrounds I Remember

Although all of these scences are definitely fun and can make for playful photos, this is one activity I don’t have a Fear Of Missing Out from. Nope, no FOMO here at all.

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