Amarillo in the Morning

Day 3 of my cross-country road trip was the shortest day I spent on the road. I started in Amarillo, Texas and ended in Albuquerque, New Mexico which is only about a 4.5 hour drive. Knowing I didn’t have far to drive, I took this opportunity to sleep in then spend some time in Amarillo before hitting the road. I’ve been to Texas a few times before, but never the Northern plains, so I was excited at the opportunity to briefly visit Amarillo and see what the area had to offer. Initially, I was planing to do a lot during my morning in Amarillo like go for a hike in Palo Duro State Park and visit the Amarillo Historical Society, but I decided instead to only spend about an hour in the city before heading out.

I ended up only doing 2 things on my Amarillo list there but both were very memorable and enjoyable.

An antique store on Route 66 in Amarllo, Texas

1: I Got My Kicks on Route 66

Historic Route 66 passes right through Amarillo on it’s way from Los Angeles to Chicago. Having never visited any portion of this famous highway before, I had to spend some time walking some of the area while in Amarillo. Amarillo’s stretch of Route 66 covers 13 blocks and a quick stroll down the street really gives you a feel for what it must have been like when the highway was in its prime. I spent the morning popping in and out of antique shops and browsing all the fun Route 66 memorabilia.

A row of decorated cadillac’s at Cadillac Ranch

2. I Admired the Art Installation of Cadillac Ranch

This is a truly a roadside attraction, one that is literally in a field on the side of the road. If I had blinked I probably would have missed the exit. Located off of Interstate 40 about 2 miles West of Amarillo, Cadilac Ranch is a public art installation of – you guessed it – cadillacs! You can pull off to the side of the road and walk around the cars. 10 cadillacs are lined in a field front side down in the ground, standing straight up. It’s a such a fun site to see! Throughout the years each cadillac has been covered in graffiti and spray paint, and adding your own paint to the cars is encouraged. Sadly I did not have any paint with me to contribute.

And with that, my time in Amarillo was over and I headed back to the highway on my way to Albuquerque.




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