Making the Most of 1.5 Days in Monteverde, Costa Rica

On my trip to Costa Rica in February 2020, I tried to cram as much into a 9 day visit as I could. This meant taking early morning bus rides between places and only spending 1 - 2 days per town. Surprisingly, even with this limited time, I feel like I managed to see and... Continue Reading →

How to Spend a Summer Weekend in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is a town I have heard so much about yet somehow managed to avoid visiting until recently. Located in the Central Oregon High Desert, Bend is often referred to as an outdoor enthusiats dream destination year round. In winter the region gets a decent amount of snow which makes the nearby Cascade Range... Continue Reading →

A Brief Tour of Santa Barbara

Day 8 of my cross-country roadtrip found me in my old college stomping grounds of Santa Barbara, CA. I picked up another one of my college roommates, Sandy, while passing through Los Angeles and together we drove up the coast to Santa Barbara to spend a day wandering around our old college town. I LOVE... Continue Reading →

A Quick Weekend in Arizona

Day 4 of my cross-country roadtrip was the first day I finally got to meet up with a friend! I took a small detour while driving through Arizona to head South into Phoenix where I met up with my college roommate, Sherry. I timed my trip so I would arrive the Friday night before President's... Continue Reading →

Amarillo in the Morning

Day 3 of my cross-country road trip was the shortest day I spent on the road. I started in Amarillo, Texas and ended in Albuquerque, New Mexico which is only about a 4.5 hour drive. Knowing I didn't have far to drive, I took this opportunity to sleep in then spend some time in Amarillo... Continue Reading →

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